Gateless Gatecrashers


Gateless Gatecrashers

By Ilona Ciunaite, Elena Nezhinsky

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in Russian: Врата, которых нет
in French: Traverser la Porte Fantôme


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Today, ordinary people are waking up all around the world. Here are some of their real life stories.

This book recounts the journeys of twenty one ordinary people who dared to investigate whether the self they had always taken for real actually exists. Twenty one seekers look behind the word "me", to see if any “self” could be found. Transcripts of twenty one extraordinary guided conversations record the process step by step, line by line, as each one sees through the illusion, and is finally liberated from the prison of belief in a separate self.

No such resource for spiritual seekers has ever been published, nor such a large collection of awakening accounts ever been assembled. Completely accessible, totally practical and wholly transparent for all who are interested, Gateless Gatecrashers makes a unique contribution to spiritual literature, and perhaps will lead you – when you are ready - to gatecrash !

Liberation Unleashed is a movement of volunteer guides who are dedicated to helping you end the spiritual search. We strive to clearly transmit the message that separation is only a thought, that there is no entity behind the word “ I “, and all one needs to do to see that for oneself is to look .
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'This book is a very simple but powerful affirmation that the I-thought is only a belief. It never was! I recommend it to anyone.' John Troy



Amazon Reviews:


Tremendous resource, Feb 13 2013
By Katherine
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
What you have been working towards for whatever length of time... That brought you to actually finding this book even exists... Here are the stories of 21 people who have directly experienced it. This sharing is priceless.

This is a really great resource to help those seeking the gate, as well as those who have experienced the truth. The sharing is priceless.

I found the website and this book a while before I actually bought it. I think the book actually sat on my "wish list" for about five months.

My advice to you... If you found this, just go ahead and order it. If it's sitting on your shelf for those five months, at least you have it when you really want it, instead of having to wait over a weekend and however many days for the delivery of it. ;)

A Team of Modern 'Seers' Assists Seekers on the "Path to Awakening", Feb 11 2013
By wladicus "walt"
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
An unusual book! This book presents actual on-line dialogue which shows how people are carefully guided to clearer understanding of who or what they are "IN ESSENCE", the culmination of which is an "awakening" to "reality".
Those who are seriously "on the path to enlightenment" so-to-speak may probably benefit most from this book.


Worked for me, January 30, 2013
By gbknox
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
My friend let me read his copy. Half way thru I "crashed" the gate. Didn't even know there was a gate. Amazing! Simpler life now. Thanks Ilona.

Crossed Over, January 30, 2013
By Paul
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
I had a 30 year long spiritual journey that ended at the gate. I hung around over at the Liberation Unleashed website for awhile, read the threads, and started softening up to the process. I was just about to go on to one of the boards and request a guide but I decided to read the book beforehand just to try to calm the fears a little more. I got through with the first interview in the book, got up from the table to stretch my legs, and suddenly I got it-the cosmic joke. I laughed for quite a while. It's so simple. The transition is so subtle. I never had a chance to fear. The shift just snuck up on me. Life is so much simpler now. This may not be the last book you'll ever read, but it's the last book you'll ever NEED.


My favorite book that lead me to my own demise!, January 30, 2013
By Frank Allabaugh
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
My favorite book that lead me to my own demise! By realizing there is no I to start with. If you to want a book that shows you the truth of no self. This book will lead you by the hand into that realizaton. Now I can read all these indian sages and understand what they were saying all along! All I can say run and buy this one. And you to can lose the illusion of being a me!


Honest, Simple and Direct, January 29, 2013
By Alex Reshuan-Nieto
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
What is beautiful about this book is that it is an honest book.
Basically these are actual chats between seekers and Ilona or Elena (authors) >
In these chats you can sense the tension and anxiety felt in this meetings.
The uneasy ,normally felt but seekers, is exponentiated in these chats , since the authors guide you to observe an obvious reality.
Not to think, to observe
Not to believe, to observe
There is no practice , only observation
In a very simple, honest and dedicated, but firm way, liberation is obtain. Liberation from an Idea.
The famous gateless gate is crossed.
Many readers of this book had had profound realization of THIS obvious reality while reading the book without even finishing it.
For others like myself it was a great way of simplifying thousands of years of traditions and practices about such a simple matter . I urge you to read it.


Gateless Gatecrashers, January 29, 2013
By Tomislav
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
This is a book about expiriences of people who came through the Gate that divides the usual busy and fearfull life and freedom and calm of true knowledge. They don't describe the life after, but how they have done it, and it is very clear and straight. After tons of spiritual literature...this was a very sobering peace of writing. See for yourself.

LOOKING to SEEING, November 27, 2012
By Linda A Moore
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Kindle Edition)
Impactful...ordinary....extordinary. Reading these dialogues & similar dialogues online led me to LOOKING, then SEEING. Forever grateful. And LIFE keeps on LIFING.

just do the work, October 9, 2012
By Lorraine Tucker
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
I had been reading Elena and Ilona's blog posts for a couple of years and getting that it was "Truth" at a deep level. I finally got the book and DID THE WORK right alongside the people in the stories. Each time a question was asked, I stopped reading and just did the work, writing and struggling with the question in my own mind.

Finally now, after seeking enlightenment/liberation/truth/freedom since I first heard about it in 1992,
Freedom Reigns.

Thank you.

Gateless Gatecrashers!, September 21, 2012
By Johnantony
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Kindle Edition)
An amazing and insightful journey through the illusion of self. Brilliant,clear,simple and focused! A must read for those ready to become finders.

Finally, the "how to/hands on" book r.e. liberation., Sept. 10, 2012
By Stephen Satzinger
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Paperback)
Until I read Gateless Gatecrashers, I had been anxiously "seeking" an answer which would clear up my questions about essential identity. Half way through the book the "search" was over for me.

If you also, are wearied in your "quest" for simple peace of mind-this book shows you how to see the truth. The truth which will set you free. The only thing you need is a willingness to finally see the truth about yourself (for yourself) and rigorous honesty.

For those who want to get on with their lives..., March 19, 2012
By highlife66
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Kindle Edition)
I have read HUNDREDS of books, listened to HUNDREDS of audio books, seminars etc in search of inner peace... This book was the final key for me in unlocking the gate-less gate.

Conscious, honest, relentless self-inquiry.
That's what this book is about.

It's there if you really want it.


Incredible, March 19, 2012
By Hicquodiam
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Kindle Edition)
This is the real deal. Liberation has never before been so accessible, so easy.

Ilona and Elena are incredible at guiding people through exactly how to do it, without any excess spiritual fluff or untestable beliefs. Just direct pointer after direct pointer until the person gets it, which is usually very quickly.

Their same method freed me from enslavement to my self-image around a year ago. It's been an awesome year.


Seeking Truth? You're going to love this book!!!, March 19, 2012
By Uv_starbaby
This review is from: Gateless Gatecrashers (Kindle Edition)
Have you been meditating seemingly forever, asking "Who Am I?"---with no results? Are you frustrated with your spiritual progress? This book is definitely for you!!! What a simple, amazing discovery is revealed in this little book...and what a relief!!! I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who really wants to see the truth!!! Definitely five stars!!!!



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Gateless Gatecrashers is a unique and truly amazing collection of people’s journeys who are trying to seek the truth. Wonderfully guided by Ilona and Elena the journeys are clear and concise and offer an interesting insight into peoples fight to end their own suffering.
The book is great for those who are seeking the truth and those that have seen truth, but also to those of a curious disposition who just want to explore something new.
An extremely well written book that gets ‘you’ questioning what is true!

Tammy Waine - England


A few months ago when I approached the Gate I saw your book on the LU site. I found it so helpful and encouraging to read other people’s stories. It gave me the hope and confidence to request a guide which Ilona so generously and enthusiastically stepped up. I felt so welcomed and encouraged all along the way. There was never a doubt from Illona that I would not see the Truth. Thank you for the book and all that you are doing in bringing clarity to this world. I feel so blessed to be part of this experience and please tell me how I can support you.


Gateless Gatecrashers, ends the search. It is the invitation a seeker has been waiting for and a direct experience to look and see if the story of "you" is true. I had never known until I read this book that I had everything I had ever needed to know this gave me a clear road map in to look for myself and experience this sought after truth that had been there all along"!
Forever grateful.